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The Trews April 30, 2014 at This Ain’t Hollywood

Article and photographs by Philip C. Perron

April 30, 2014 was #trewsday in Hamilton. April showers could not dampen the energy from inside Hamilton’s north end bar, This Ain’t Hollywood on this last day of April.

The Trews came to Hamilton once again to share their brand of rock at its best. While is rained outside, inside it showered the music down to our ears. FM Y108 Rocks was the event sponsor for this exclusive show, for invited guests only and contest winners from Y108 @Y108Rocks.
All 4 members of the band, Colin MacDonald (guitar and vocals}, John-Angus MacDonald (guitar and vocals), Jack Syperek (bass and vocals) and Sean Dalton (drums and vocals) have been together from the beginning.

Based out of Toronto and originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the band was formed in 1997 and at that time they were called “One I’d Trouser” that's how they got the name The Trews.

Before the show I sat down with bassist Jack Spyerek and asked him a few questions before they went onstage.

Phil: “How and why have The Trews become so connected to their fans in Hamilton”?

Jack: "When we first came to Toronto 12 years ago we started playing in a club in Hamilton every Tuesday called Mermaids and Claude DeRouche was the gentleman that gave us that start and after a year of doing this we were selling out each gig. At the start there was nobody there, but eventually we established a great base of support in Hamilton.”

I asked Jack about this big departure from all the recent acoustic tours and such.

Phil: “Was there a conscious decision on the part of the band to crank it up a notch or two and get away from the more acoustic tunes that you have been associated with lately?”

Jack: "Wow I don't know if it was a conscious decision by all of us, but certainly we have taken the music in a different direction this time around and it feels really good and it seems like people love it. I mean we had all these tunes and we just felt the energy with it."

Phil: “I have listened to some of the cuts from the CD and I detect a certain jazz flavour on some of it. Where does that influence some from within the band?”

Jack: "Yeah I guess there is a bit of a jazz influence in the band, not from all the members but specifically from our drummer Sean. That's mainly where that jazz influence comes from."

The band took to the stage and gave us a fine mix of their past hits and new tunes. The crowd especially showed their collective pleasure when the band played their quite popular hit “Highway of Heroes.”

The near future for the group in terms of touring is some Canadian gigs primarily in Ontario and eastern Canada and then for all of June an extensive tour of northeast U.S.A.

All in all it was a fun night for the band and all of us who attended this special event #trewsday in Hamilton.

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