Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Council to Vote on Formation of a Music Working Group


Committee Date: May 15, 2013

Establishment of a Music Working Group

Whereas, the City of Hamilton is participating in the provincial music
industry working group;

And Whereas, the City of Toronto is in the final stages of establishing a
music office, branded on “Toronto connects you to a world of music” and
“music as the currency of cool”;

And Whereas, Hamilton has a unique and vibrant music scene with clear
advantages such as scale and affordability;

And Whereas, it is important that Hamilton establish itself as a key music
destination for musicians, music industry players, and music tourists.

Therefore be it resolved:

That the Economic Development Department establish a Hamilton Music
Working Group and report back on a Hamilton music strategy and the
possibility of establishing a Hamilton Music Office.

Glen T Brown is the creator of HamiltonMusician.com Google+


Anonymous said...

we already have a music office it is the AFM.

Glen T Brown said...

Yes, the AFM represents the interests of professional musicians in the Hamilton area. I'm sure the city music office would be especially interested in working closely with the AFM!

Thanks for your comment.

Dan Medakovic said...

Yes The AFM needs to be at the table. I get worried when I see statements like this from the city, who are out of the loop: "And Whereas, Hamilton has a unique and vibrant music scene with clear
advantages such as scale and affordability".
Affordability can't come at the expense of unfair pay to musicians. This is why they need to be at the table.

Kenny MacInnis said...


Al Spoto said...

Hi Glen,

My apologies if I haven't replied or commented in the timely fashion.

On the surface and the concept itself of Hamilton City Council of possibility forming a City Music Office, sounds very good and it's should result in positive activity to aid in the tourist product as well as create more opportunity and exposure for local musicians and artist. Time will tell.
As a musician I am encourage and hopeful that it will be successful and benefit everyone.

Some questions that quickly come to mind are. Who will be hired to for the City Music Office. Will they advertise publicly for the positions? What is the job description, qualifications etc.? LOL, I may be interested!

These are just some of my thought for now. Thank you for sharing the music news.



PS: thank you so much for your time and support!

Mark Harrington said...

WHo will pay for this office? Musicians?
Of course, as musicians generally have no money, the city will just put the screws to the venues, as they have already done with the policing of Hess Village & Supercrawl, licencing small landlords, buskers, etc. Which in turn will mean higher taxes and LESS money to pay musicians.
A city "Music" office.
I wonder who thought that up.