Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Daily Riff: The Spotlight's Heat

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As I sit here and watch the Winter Olympics I'm struck by one major truth.

Hype doesn't last.

After all the hype and talk and media attention of Sochi 2014 is over for the athletes, especially the ones who win medals, it will fade away very quickly.

I'm thinking about how fast the four years since Vancouver 2010 went by. I'm thinking about the dozens of athletes who became household names. 

That's what the media spotlight can do.

But now, four years later, I can hardly remember any of them. "That was only for a time," the athletes would say. The 2010 Olympics were great, but we moved on.

You are more than your music. 

So much more. 

Your life is all about you being 100% human. The best musicians are the ones who bring their personality to the stage, who connect with their music and their audience. How do they make it work over the long haul?

Here's how. They don't count on the hype of the moment, or the "big break." They count on who they are as a person, and they know that there's always something bigger beyond the music of the moment.

In some magical way, having this perspective makes you a better performer. 



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Jeremiah McCaw Budnark said...

Just a perspective thing, a mindset, I suppose: doesn't matter if you're singing, playing, dancing - when you're on stage you've really only got one job, and that is to own that space while you're there. Realize it's yours and 'make it so'.