Thursday, September 12, 2013

OCTOBER 11 AT THE CASBAH: Shawn Brush Presents: The Krooked Cowboy, Shawn Brush Birthday Bash

It's time for Shawn Brush to celebrate once again! He's booked the upstairs at the Casbah on Friday, October 11 to welcome his many friends and fans to what has become an annual celebration of Shawn and his love for great roots music.

Brush will be backed up on drums and percussion by loomeister Dave Gould and a couple of other local favourites will flesh out the band. He's also holding out that special guest Al McLean will be able to sit in.

Brush, not one to stay put, recently completed a mammoth camper trip throughout the southern and western USA, ending up on the California Coast. While able to pick up a few special shows along the way, the trip was a pilgrimmage of sorts. "I've got hundreds and hundreds of pictures," Brush says. "The sights and people we met along the way will provide lots of fodder for songwriting."

Brush's YouTube channel has a video clip that shows him picking out a tune at the scenic lookout on an exceptionally clear day on Eagle Point, far above the Golden Gate Bridge. Hearing Brush describe his visits to the Redwood forest, Sun Records, followed by any number of other famous spots too numerous to mention, reminded me of just how vastly populated and physically grand the area of the California Coast must be.

Inspired by such greats as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, John Prine and bluegrass legend Bill Monroe, Shawn Brush is one of those rare musicians who's able to combine highly technical musicianship with memorable and impactful songwriting. He's won and been nominated for many Awards. He has worked alongside Fred J. Eaglesmith, Natalie MacMaster and Tom Wilson to name a few. Shawn's music is passionate, heartfelt and has a unique ability to touch pretty much anyone listening.

"His songs have touched my heart, they resonate truth and dedication.” Daniel Lanois

A Shawn Brush performance can get you grinning from ear to ear, maybe well up a tear or two, and more than likely get your feet stomping and your hands clapping. The man and his music have a quiet power thats difficult to put into words. Somewhere between the virtuosity of his flatpicked guitar melodies and the earnest conviction in his words and voice you can sense the deep and unwavering passion Shawn Brush has for the music he plays and loves .

"Shawn Brush will weave a spell of musical intoxication around your brain and you will wake up the next morning sprawled across the front lawn of your mind!" Ray Materick, Songwriter

Friday, October 11, 7:30 pm.
Casbah, Hamilton (Queen at Hess)

WEBSITE: http://www.shawnbrush.com/
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/shawn-Brush-The-Krooked-Cowboy/67815465608
MUSIC: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Shawn-Brush
VIDEOS: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QAuNkWwtTI

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