Sunday, May 19, 2013

Robert Bruce Immersed In Two Recording Projects

Robert Bruce now has a Facebook page
Photo: Amy King-White
Bruce writes on his Facebook page:

As a good example of the "when it rains it pours" philosophy, I'm presently producing 2 CDs: First is a very cool piano CD which I am really looking forward to performing live and, second, after more than 10 years of performing my (neo-classical) artsongs, I'm finally putting together a CD collection of these which should be done fairly soon.

Ahead of the full CD release of these songs I've decided to release a single. I wrote it only last year, it's called "Everlasting Dream" and this recording features soprano Janet Obermeyer. I have just recently put it on iTunes (will be available very soon). Yesterday I put it on Soundcloud and, as a preview ahead of the "available on iTunes" announcement, you can listen to it now... https://soundcloud.com/robert-bruce-2/everlasting-dream


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