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Riot Fest 2014: Local Bands Play To Huge Crowds

Riot Fest Toronto – Three Local Bands Play to Huge Crowds

Photography Philip C. Perron Story by Philip C. Perron & courtesy Riot Fest

You could hear the music from miles away as you walked up to the venue. Music fans arrived from all over North America to see the bands that were showcased at this year’s 2014 Riot Fest in Toronto at Downsview Park.

The annual festival, Canada’s largest, was again a fantastic experience for those who came. Over 50,000 people attended each of the two days at this year’s festival, these grounds haven’t seen crowds like this since S.A.R.S. in 2003 which had 3 times the people.

Three local bands from the Hamilton area, Say Yes from Burlington, Dead Tired from Hamilton and Seaway from Oakville all played sets on Sunday. All were well received and enjoyed their experience at such a large venue.

They were part of a huge line-up of well-known bands. The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Tokyo Police Club, Death Cab For Cutie and City of Colour were just a few of the 60 bands attending.


In the fall of 2011, while on a break from touring internationally with Alexisonfire, drummer Jordan Hastings booked rehearsal studio time in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario. Together with his long-time friend – guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Adam Michael, the two set about turning Jordan’s songs the foundation of a new band: SAY YES. By the spring of 2012, Jordan and Adam had come across a powerful local bassist Michael Zane, and quickly realized that he would be the perfect bass player to complete their power trio vision for the band. It would be only a short time later that the newly completed line-up of Say Yes would enter B-Town Sound Studios with producer Justin Koop to put down their debut recordings. Say Yes quickly developed into a full-time band, releasing video footage of their recording sessions which would feature the hook-heavy track, “Sunrise.” Expect tour dates and release information to be announced shortly.

@sayyes_official facebook.com/sayyesofficial


Dead Tired Formed about 6 months ago at Michael “Biff” Young's birthday party at Martin's Bowling Alley on King street in Hamilton Ontario. The band consists of Chris Whetstone (the Dead Beat, Bird Rentals), Micheal “Biff” Young (Shallow North Dakota, Party Tank, Back Biters), Phil Waring (Rise Over Run, Keep it up, Black Lungs), Franz Stefanik (Robowhore, Okeydoke Tattoo Parlour) and George Pettit (Alexisonfire). No music is currently available to the public but the band has just recorded 13 tracks at Boxcar Studios with Hamilton super producer, Sean Pierson. Dead Tired's first LP is expected sometime in the next few months. What do they sound like you ask? Take a look at them.



Seaway is a 5-piece pop-punk band from Oakville, Ontario. With the release of their debut full length, "Hoser," Seaway has gained international attention; being compared to the likes of Canadian pop-punk legends Sum 41 and GOB. The band has toured Canada and the US extensively with Major League, Knuckle Puck, Have Mercy and more – and they aren’t stopping yet. Keep an eye out as they pass through a city near you.
• Ryan Locke - Vocals
• Patrick Carleton - Guitar, Vocals
• Andrew Eichinger - Guitar
• Adam Shoji - Bass
• Ken Taylor - Drums

@seawayband facebook.com/seawayoakville

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