Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cut From Steel Interview With "The Dill" Dylan Hudecki

One of these days I'll have the pleasure of meeting Dylan over a glass of our favourite refreshment. Until such time, may I direct you to this excellent and insightful interview with local music guy Dylan "The Dill" Hudecki by Cut From Steel's Biljana Njegovan.

Dylan Hudecki is a class act. Extensive touring and experiencing success in the music business has a way of changing people in not so pleasant ways sometimes. This is not the case with Dylan, who has taken his years of experience and musical mastery and has chosen to push onwards and upwards and to continue to grow and explore his craft. The overwhelmingly positive reputation among musicians, industry people, and Hamilton music fans is well earned. Dylan goes to every show, he supports musicians he believes in, and he helps and guides people when he can.



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