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SOMETHING ELSE! festival of creative music RETURNS to Hamilton at the Artbar, June 19th thru 22nd

Zula Presents

 festival of creative music
June 19-22, 2015
8:30 pm nightly

15 Colbourne St.
Hamilton, Ontario

The See Through Trio
Sunday June 21st - "Deconstructionist Jazz"

Zula Presents welcomes you to the second annual Something Else! Festival of Creative Music 2015 at the fabulous Artword Artbar! Since the riches of the 2014 festival, we've initiated an exciting, monthly series, running from fall through to spring. Continuing to support our vision of world-renowned visiting artists, revered local musicians, focusing on newer traditions in jazz, improvised music and experimental sounds, this year's festival line-up should satisfy all adventurous ears... get ready for some seriously outrageous fun!  

Our Artist in Residence for this year's festival, ELLWOOD EPPS of Montreal is busy as an improvising trumpet player, a most versatile musical collaborator, teacher, concert and festival organizer, truly one of the leading lights of Canada’s creative music scene. He has performed with Steve Lacy, William Parker, Jean Derome, Le Quan Ninh, Joe McPhee, Butch Morris, John Butcher, Marshall Allen and many other greats.  Ellwood is active with several working groups: the longstanding Pink Saliva (an electric band with Michel F Côté and Alexandre St-Onge), Land of Marigold (with Josh Zubot), the Ratchet Orchestra, and in duet with saxophonist Yves Charuest. 

Epps will initiate FridaySaturday & Monday concerts with a solo trumpet set, plus he will sit in with various musicians. Also, he will  conduct a free Saturday afternoon  improvisation workshop.

Tickets ($12-18) and passes ($35) can be reserved via email cem@zulapresents.org or by phone 289 993 1993

more details at zulapresents.org


Friday, June 19 
8:30  pm   

World-renowned Toronto composer, sound artist, improviser, alto-saxophonist JOHN OSWALD of Plunderphonics fame and the ever-fluid, nimble  London free-jazz percussionist TERRY FRASER meet two talented Hamiltonians; adventuresome improviserbassist DAVID LEE and versatile jazz trumpeter  MIKE MALONE.  First encounters are  often the most precious and exciting, especially, for creative forces with such disparate backgrounds!

Fresh off a European tour and a recording (Red & Blue on Trio Records), this dynamic duo have a decade of playing, recording & touring together and it shows! Guitarist  KEN ALDCROFT contributes the carefully crafted dissonances that refract his post-Abercrombie jazz guitar vocabulary through, for one, Derek Bailey’s technical extensions, while trombonist  SCOTT THOMSON was taught by Roswell Rudd, with more extreme technical revisions by Paul Rutherford and Günter Christmann. Their music is always improvised and bound to surprise...

Our Artist in Residence, trumpeter  ELLWOOD EPPS opens the festival and the evening with  a short solo set (see bio above).


Saturday, June 20 
8:30 pm  

A fascinating project by two deep players, in some ways, their life's work, COLIN FISHER  (guitar, bouzouki, ney, tenor sax, guzheng, hulusi, misc. percussion) & BRANDON VALDIVIA (trapset, mbira, slit-drum, percussion) are Not the Wind, Not the Flag.   On any occasion their music could echo the traditions of  Balinese or West African music,  Persian or Turkish music or it could be devastatingly loud post-hardcore, noise, free-jazz eruptions... or all of that at  once!

Alto-saxophonist BRODIE WEST has been an active member of Toronto’s creative music scene for the past 20 years, as a member of Drumheller, Deep Dark United, the  Woodchoppers Collective and Zebradonk, having played with some of Toronto's finest jazz musicians and improvisers. He has toured and recorded with a wide  range of international musicians: Getatchew Mekuria, Han Bennink, The Ex, Ken Vandermark & Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed.  West plays with The Lina Allemano 4 and The Ryan Driver Sextet, leads his own ensemble Eucalyptus, also plays in a duo with Evan Cartwright and performs solo.

Our Artist in Residence, trumpeter ELLWOOD EPPS performs a short solo set (see bio above).

5 pm
Trumpeter ELLWOOD EPPS will also conduct a free free-improvisation workshop at Artword Artbar, discussing things, technical and practical, things an instrumentalist or an improviser would want to know...


Sunday, June 21 
8:30 pm  

Currently composed of pianist TANIA GILLsaxophonist KAREN NG, and bassist PETE JOHNSTONSee Through Trio formed in 2004, with  primary musical influences being the free-jazz innovators of the early 1960s, especially Jimmy Giuffre, Carla Bley & Ornette Coleman. The subsequent free-improvisation scene that developed in Europe also figure an important touchstone, as do the psychedelic folk music and progressive rock that emerged from the UK in the 1960s and 70s.  Each member of the group has played in many bands - a wide range of musical styles, including: traditional jazz, math rock, folk, New Orleans-style party music, singer/songwriters, big band swing, indie rock, country,  progressive rock and more. These distinct sounds are connected by the playful deconstructionist spirit of jazz and creative music by three talented, imaginative musical beings.  

A truly original improvising guitarist with a keen sense of adventure, humour, fire, curiosity and mischief, New Zealander / Hamiltonian CHRIS PALMER can easily rock a house party or stun a literary  audience, hypnotizing them with his charm and chops.

Producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist artist, one of the founders of 90s  avant-rock band The Dinner Is Ruined, DALE MORNINGSTAR plays a rare solo set for us on guitar, keyboards or... if we're really lucky, a taste of the infamous, amplified stationary bicycle!  This  very creative  force has a slew of exciting tricks up his sleeve, as evidenced on well-known Canadian indie-rock recordings he has produced and played on, both others'  and  his.


Monday, June 22 
8:30 pm  

Four heavy-hitters of the Amsterdam creative music scene and the New Dutch Swing sound... in Hamilton for the very first time!  Ebullient cornetist  ERIC BOEREN has built this burning group of alchemists, playing music based on the early works and  instrumentation of Ornette Coleman's famous quartet. Featuring veteran improvisers; American ex-pat, all reeds virtuoso MICHAEL MOORE, monster double-bassisWILBERT DE JOODE, and one of the fathers of free-jazz, master drummer  HAN BENNINK!  Like Coleman, Boeren’s roots are jazz & blues, strong melodies mixed with unexpected keys to challenge improvisers. Boeren's linguistic and tonal originality add much to his Dutch-jazz adaptations of Coleman tunes, to compositions by Coleman collaborators like Don Cherry and to Boeren's own pieces. The 4tet assemble, deconstruct and reassemble with a rare blend of intellect, playfulness and musical virtuosity, a  perfect balance of control and serendipity.

Our Artist in Residence, trumpeter ELLWOOD EPPS will open the final night's festivities with a short solo set (see bio above).


Thank you all very much for supporting vital live music in our community!
Cem Zafir

Zula Presents

Something Else!
Festival of
Creative Music
& Series
289 993 1993

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