Friday, April 17, 2015

Veteran Performer Michael Gabriel Is Coming - With Strings Attached - To The Pearl

Road-tested veteran singer-songwriter Michael Gabriel performs Saturday, April 25 at the Pearl Company with special student guests from W.H. Ballard Elementary School and Bel Canto Strings Academy. We're lucky to have him stop at Hamilton for a show at The Pearl Company.

This concert by the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter is creating a stir of excitement. Gabriel has selected the best of his substantial repertoire for the show, called "With Strings Attached" which builds bridges and recruits performers from a local elementary school and a private strings academy.

Take a minute to listen:

Michael Gabriel's smooth, soothing singing voice is a rare type that evokes feelings of gratitude and a mood of reflection. At the Pearl Company he will be accompanied on stage by a 3-part string section and pianist. Trina Nadeau will be on cello, Karen Spithoff on violin and Caroline Olsen on viola. Sandy Ludwig will play piano and percussion.

"Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor, and Chris de Burgh, Gabriel possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners" ~ Coral Andrews, The Record
This is a special concert for two reasons. First, a number of special guests will be joining the regulars. Students from W. H. Ballard Elementary School's Glee Club and over a dozen students from the Bel Canto Strings Academy will participate. What a perfect illustration of the Community Building theme.

The Strings Attached show will include the W. H. Ballard Glee Club
and Bel Canto String Academy students.

Second, the concert represents another step forward in what has been a remarkable musical career for Michael Gabriel. When he first picked up a guitar he was enamoured with the craft of songwriting. He dove into performing original pop rock band music and traveled in Canada and the US. Eventually, he returned to his finger-picking style on his nylon string guitar.

A decade and several hundred shows later, Gabriel is still working and sharing his music from town to town. Only musicians who have spent time on the road to the same degree as Gabriel will understand the demands and consequences of a musician's life on the road. It's no easy life.

One look at this schedule of travel and past shows will silence any objectors.

Michael jokes about his two special vehicles that have made life bearable while he travels. They are his present RV named "JJ" and the retired workhorse camper van named "Gary."

JJ (left) is the current ride; "Gary" (right) is retired

When asked what keeps him going throughout his travels, Michael Gabriel is quick to say, "It's about meeting the people and being able to share my music."

Gabriel has recorded several CDs over the years which will be available at the Pearl Company concert.

Strings Attached showcases Gabriel's strongest material with orchestral pop flavours to create an event that has been in the making for his entire career.

Tickets are $20 at the Box Office. Call 905-524-0606

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