Friday, April 17, 2015

Now Here's An Interesting Conversation - Why Is It So Freakin' Complicated To Sell Your Music???

Conversation on my FB page recently.

Looking for some industry help/insight here:
Without a huge long back story I've had my original music on iTunes for years now, I started out way back through CD Baby but switched to a distributor in like, 2011/2012 I think.

Recently I decided to cut the middle man and self distribute as a 'label' re-releasing my solo work as well as the recent Dirty Jeans EP.

That was all setup through a company called Distrokid in the fall, prepping for our Jan release date (I had heard excellent things about them and the pricing structure jived with our business model).
Well January came and on release day our EP was nowhere to be found online except Google Music and Shazam (and I think Spotify maybe?).

I filed my inquiry hoping it was just an iTunes delay or something like that.

Fast forward to today, after repeated asks for investigating what's up (our record is still only hosted on our bandcamp!), I get an email from our distro saying that stores are no longer accepting uploads from me???

What the actual fuck? I know they were technically sound, mastered correctly etc. Has this happened to anyone else?

What I'm wondering is, is there a possibility that my changes in distributors over the past 10 years has flagged me or something? Like, that is reasonable right? To change companies and whatnot? Artists grow, needs change... I'm really hoping I'm not now being penalised because of something I was completely unaware of.

Any ideas, insights, suggestions on who to call/which Man to formally stick it to would be great.

{In the meantime, if you don't have the new Dirty Jeans EP you can grab it off our store at dirtydirtyjeans.bandcamp.com 

Oh and PS. To our beloved vinyl preorders, that's a whole other can of worms of the worst service in history but I promise you they are in production somewhere in Europe and that is all I know. As SOON as I have word on physicals you will get a delighted, exclamation filled notification from me!}

God this position on the totem pole really blows sometimes! Haha

  • JA It's the Mix.... Ashley....Vocals to low.
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  • A.S.?? Are you joking? As much as my ego would probably like to hear that, it's subjective and should not factor into me being basically blacklisted from selling music online.
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  • JA Computer software determines the outcome. Sad but true
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  • JA Blacklisted that I don't know
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  • A.S. I need to clarify, these are albums that were previously in every single online retailers store you could imagine.
    Not calling bullshit but, bullshit.
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  • JSorry, you think that iTunes have people to listen to every single artist that applies? LOL Do more research. It's analyzing program. Sorry that it identifies "Not saying" but bullshit mixes..Happy hunting. You asked.
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  • A.S. Jay, no hostility needed dude, if you read my last response I'm just boggled that these are previously APPROVED mixes.
    And LOL yes, I reeeeally think a room of monkeys sits and listens to DB variances all day. Come on man, show a little respect here, I pay good money for pro mixes and masters. I did not step into this industry yesterday, despite what you may think 
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  • M.G. Get used to it and handle it as much as you can yourselves - the goofs running the industry are just goofs and the good ones are just as cynical as you will be soon (maybe) Yous got good stuff and will get noticed by the right persons eventually.
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  • J.A. Hostility? Nope. I'm just trying to lend some help in your frustrations. Calling my thoughts Bullshit? Show a little respect? And what I think is ITS THE MIX! money don't buy ears. Sorry if I am honest.
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  • A.S.Thanks Mickey but this is just so mind boggling, like, its iTunes... I'm not wondering why Sony's not knocking down our door with a 1M advance or anything (do those even exist anymore for us "seniors") haha
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  • A.S.I wasn't calling your thoughts bullshit dude. I'm calling the information bullshit, because I know the mixes are pro. Sorry bud.
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  • A.S.Also, computers don't have ears that I could buy if I tried.
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  • JA Well if you say so.... I'm listening to your tracks right now through pro studio monitors.... Your Vocals are way to low.... Pro Mixing? Really? I mean Really? Ok nuff said. I plead the 5th.
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  • A.S.Jay, I'm sorry but I think you're trolling and now you're just being mean. This is not helpful. There are thousands of lo-fi bands that have released recordings that have passed the mark. Old bands that have released back catalog...
    I get your point and it's noted. Thanks for your input.
    Anyone else with some real industry knowledge that can lend some insight would be kindly appreciated.

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  • JA WTF ever LOL!
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  • A.P. Hey Ashley, we used Tunecore and so far no problems, we're just awaiting our stats and payment details in a couple weeks:) I'll let you know how it goes. We are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play through them and Bandcamp on our own. So far it's been pretty easy, but we'll see. Hope it all works out for you!
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  • A.S. Thanks Andrew, yeah I've always heard good things about them... Thanks for the helpful input 
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  • M.G. The week that ZIGGY STARDUST came out - I bought it knowing that the public was too dumb to realize how great it was! - I bought RAW POWER also as fast as I could for the same reason. Both became classix! Remember that about yourselves.
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  • A.S.  aahhh, Mick, that is very kind of you and while I am honoured to be held in such high regard by someone like yourself, Iggy and Bowie are next level that I could only dream to leave a legacy as great as either one!!!!!
    You're seriously the best, dude, sure know how to bring a smile out of all this frustration 
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  • A.C. Only thing that comes to mind is maybe you had explicit lyrics and didn't check the box? I know that will get your stuff pulled quick. I just used distrokid and didn't have a problem.
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  • N.P. hey ash, sorry you had to deal with Quincy Jones and his whatever crap studio monitors lol it has nothing to do with your mix and especially vocals. It might have something to do with db's ... That's decibels not douchbags haha however if you sent it to a mastering place you should be good. If your record hits 0 on their meters, a guy will email you and tell you that is the problem. Yes it's true a team of monkeys actually does check every song submitted!!! The way you have chosen your distribution might be the more possible case and even more probable, your contract may have faulted with whoever you distro with. Someone out there always wants a piece of your pie, dimes to dollars this is a lame fine print issue/over site and someone wants $$$ ... For the record I probably have better studio gear then 80% of people out there, your mix and tones is done well and your vocals are clear and you can make the words out no problem and sing along  good job!!! Tell Rick Rubin over there to buy better monitors 
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  • BA JA is a total ween judging by his responses. Obviously this guy is fartwind. 

    A.S. message me and let me see what I can do to help. Pm or call me when you can
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  • A.S. A, you know, that may actually be the simplest most probable explanation yet!
    Nick, thanks love, yes we did use a pro masterer and our mixes are no less.
    Thanks for the input guys, very much appreciated. I hope to receive a response tomorrow with an explanation on why stores "no longer accepting submissions from [me]"!!!
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  • JA Oh how the ass kissing flows.... Ben Honey hush. Nick.....Crap studio monitors? If ignorance was bliss you been the happiest son of a bitch alive! I offered miss ashley advice and she shit on it. Seeing how everyone in this post are pro's and signed artist ! If you are saying that the vocal tracks on Dirty Jeans sounds fine.... your fucking lying! Ben just said every thing I was saying in a book....I said it with 7 words " The vocals are buried in the mix" If you can not see, hear that... Your still in the learning process .... Kids! I own a studio, Play every Instrument.... Bass, guitar, Piano, 12 strings, drums, Vocals, backing, Acoustic, Lead, Banjo, Harp, Electric, Slide, Keys, Mixer engineer, Producer, Song writer. And one guy that can identify bullshit. Plus 30 plus years experience. I was trying to help Miss Ashley. She's to fucking stubborn to notice this. And ya wonder why she is Blacklisted... It's her fucking attitude. Dreamers. I am not candy coating it like you fine "Boys" are... It's the fucking truth.... Get it remixed.... Perhaps some of you lying bastards could help Miss Ashley with out hiding behind her shadow. I'm telling it like it is.... Vocals are buried in the mix! Fix it... Watch what happens..... Miss Ashley has wonderful talent. But it's hidden by... Ego. . And monkeys do run iTunes. P.S Ben please be my pen pal...ASSHOLE
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  • BA. You have a song called ' Blue Balls' enough said
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  • JA Can ya hear the vocals?
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  • JA Or you did not listen to it..... did ya?
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  • Ben Andress Jay Alan yes and the songwriting and vocals are a joke, right? You're like a sexually frustrated Fred Penner
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  • JA By the way big Ben I played every instrument on that.. Can you do that ?
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  • JA So you picked a joke song... Ah hey stupid it is a "Joke" song
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  • JA Ben. I love ya... your way to cool.
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  • JA I'm sorry son... class is not over yet. Perhaps you need more chap stick.
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  • JA Hey, I did not start this . You did by not learning the reason behind it. You added your delightful comments to a discussion that you had nothing to do with.. I 'd kiss you but I don't think that would help you in your adventures of being a man.
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  • JA It really sucks, when some one is honest.
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  • JA Ah Know, but graduations. I hope you were successful... good journey to you... Perhaps a DAGAB tuning is in order. Or dislike me cause your the Dick.
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  • L.R. Look into Tunecore.
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  • F.P.M I started to enjoy my own music when I realized that it's not about the industry. Who cares.

    - I don't care if others think she's beautiful. She's beautiful to me and that's all that matters.
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  • BR. Yo, JA - you may not have intended to, but as an outsider reading this thread you seemed to come into this conversation to pick a fight. I have far worse recordings / mixes on iTunes now. 

    I have no idea why your getting the shaft Ash but every time we've had similar problems in the past it's almost always administrative. I'd bet with switching distributors you rang a false alarm somewhere.
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  • BC Ashley maybe ask JF I know nothing, but i know he did a lot of that kind of stuff when he was at true north 
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  • N.P. Says it in 7 words ... Hasn't shut up about it since lol just cause you gave someone YOUR opinion, doesn't ever automatically make it a good one! Pretty sure you can find Rusty's "misogyny" on iTunes, 

    rusty-Misogyny - YouTube


    you wanna talk buried vocals. I have a studio and play 20 instruments too, also went to school for it, got a paper on my wall and everything but obviously the 4.0 graduated with honours means I should drop to the guy with an Mbox, laptop and a pair of Mickie's. 

    Sexually frustrated Fred Penner hahaha that's the best! I'm gonna write a song about that lol.

    Ash, super sorry, I hope for the best. Make sure you leave your dirty boots by my back door this time, the last ones were too clean for me to lick LMFAO

    Misogyny reprise with remastered sound, 5423 prior views. Poster owns no copyright to music or video...
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  • C.P. Yep. This happened to me (and I'm with Distrokid, as well). Basically, if someone files a copyright infringement case against you (even if it's a false one filed by a disgruntled ex-band member) it throws the whole process into chaos. Our EP was delayed by two months because of it. The worst part is that no one from Distrokid would help me sort it out or expedite the process (even though I had proof that I was the sole owner of all the material). Super frustrating. After trying and re-trying to upload my music, it FINALLY got through.
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  • J.F. This message chain is hilarious- Ash, sorry to laugh as I know you were just asking for some simple input that's resulted in a bunch on nonsensical jabber. What's likely happened is said DSP is in WAY over their heads and beyond capacity regarding servicing. This would have nothing with past distributors or quality songs/ recording (that whole message chain/ fight is the funniest/ dumbest bit Internet riffing I've seen in a while) -unless you are locked in some sort of distribution contract, where said distributor has rights to your music for a specific amount on (this would only apply to your old music btw) you should be fine. If you can't get your stuff taken down, contact ITunes, they will get it down for you. Or whomever you go through to reservice (Tunecore, Ben/ Blacktop) also if you need help getting it up there, let me know. And try not to get too worked up by any random negatives on here- unfortunately in Internet world, everyone gets a voice. Call me if you need to chat this through.
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  • F.P.M I firmly believe there is more enemies than friendships in this ridiculous atmosphere. 

    I hooked up with cd baby and I'm satisfied. 

    Music should be therapeutic and connective. The less business, the better.
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  • D.T. I love when people "troll" or whatever, but can't actually spell or use the right versions of the words.
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