Thursday, November 6, 2014

This One Piece Of Neglected Publicity Could Cost You Future Performance Opportunities And Shrink Your Audience

I regularly receive emails that ask: "I've attached a press release and an e-poster. Would you please add it to your calendar? We're hoping you will give our event some good coverage."

The press release and poster is a good first step. But it's only the first step. Many artists neglect a form of publicity that could cost them audience members and future performance opportunities.

You cannot underestimate the value of a written, published review!

Sending an e-poster is only the first step. What you should also be doing is making sure you get your concert reviewed, written up and photographed.

A good review just keeps on serving your interests, especially if it is published on the web and can be found in an internet search under your group's name.

Getting good reviews of your performances is equally important to sending out posters! Don't ignore this important fact.

Greater Hamilton Musician is always looking for more people to write reviews and share stories. So, yes, feel free to send along your e-poster! But consider how you can invite and get reviews written of your show.

Many musicians and musical groups are very supportive and welcoming to writers attending their concerts if there will be a good quality, objective review written and published.

This publication, Greater Hamilton Musician, can help by requesting media passes for writers and photographers.

Sometimes we musicians spend all of our efforts advertising before the event, and neglect getting our performances reviewed. However, a well-written, objective concert review lasts and helps build a reputation, and can be quoted on the group's marketing materials for the next time around. Written reviews help to tell the story of your group, and create a sense of audience and real activity.

However, it's always more interesting and engaging to our readers if there is some kind of back story or some other photos sent along with it.

We'll soon be putting together our next print edition, which includes lots of options for paid advertising. Feel free to forward my email to anyone who might be interested in contributing or advertising. Greater Hamilton Musician is all about getting musicians connected from the "grass roots;" it's the connections of relationships and mutual respect that make us "Greater."

Best regards,

Glen Brown, publisher
Greater Hamilton Musician

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