Friday, November 21, 2014

Dave Pomfret to Open for Duane Rutter and Andrew Aldridge at Hamilton's Staircase Theatre

This will be the place to be in Hamilton Ontario on November 25, 2014!

Duane Rutter has been described as the bastard son of Guy Clarke, Waylon Jennings and Howlin Wolf . Rutter and Andrew Alrdidge have been causing quite a stir lately. Both stellar guitarists, the subtle (and not so subtle) metaphysical interplay between them has left packed audiences in awe where ever they go.

Dave Pomfret will be opening the evening and he is a true Hamilton son, with years of writing and working the stages in the area his work will surely blow your mind.

Kevin Barber will be the emcee for the event and quite clearly he is the only person for the job. His Barbershop Podcast has been a portal for so many local artists into our hearts, and his passion is unmatched.

REMEMBER SEATING IS LIMITED SO ACT NOW !!! - See more at: http://www.ticketscene.ca/events/11849/#sthash.pZWiz6Qa.dpuf

"To date, 2014 has been a very good year in the life of Duane Rutter, his profile and his workload increasing exponentially, much of it having to do with his ``second home`` of Hamilton, Ontario. Long revered as a true-blue music hotbed, the underground nature and workmanlike humble pride of the city’s creative class. The seeker in Duane Rutter had found the right place, at the right time, the dreamer and poet in him nurtured by the oh-so-real folk who work the bars, coffee houses and studios. Half a dozen years after `The Waiting Room`, Duane Rutter has arrived. Constantly evolving, always enlightening and never stopping are the touchstones, beautiful music is the result – from Duane Rutter." - Kevin Barber, from http://www.duaneruttermusic.com/#!bio/c218r
Duane Rutter with great lake swimmer Annaleise Carr.
A fund-raising dynamic duo!
Photo by Kristen Jerry

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