Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chris Caddell and The Wreckage About to Overtake the Casbah Wednesday

A superb songwriting talent has emerged from within the heart and soul of one of GTHA's top guitarists. Chris Caddell has already established himself as Colin James' sideman. He also has teamed up with James for duo gigs where he has been able to gather some more exposure and song-writing rep. Years ago Caddell entered into the Toronto scene by landing the gig as bassist for Fefe Dobson's touring act. 

Nowadays Caddell is completely focused on guitar performance and developing his songwriting. His most recent recording is "Tough Lung" and no doubt this Wednesday's Casbah show, accompanied by his honorable band The Wreckage, will be an display of much of that album's excellent material, plus a number of other surprises.

Tickets are moving fast. This is a show not to miss. I'll look for you there!
- G.B.

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