Monday, September 22, 2014

THEZine Celebrates 12 years promoting Arts, Events, and Business On Line.

THEZine is a business that promotes Arts, Events and Businesses on-line, combining e-mail and social media to reach a diverse audience. THEZine was the originator of the first Arts and Events E-broadcasts in the region.

Electronic promotion is foundational in today's promotional world. THEZine has proven itself by staying focused on its simple mission of sharing news to an engaged subscriber base at a relatively low cost.

After 12 years THEZine continues to be an integral part of the area Media. Arts, events, businesses and organizations throughout Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe are utilizing this unique way to promote their information to a broader spectrum of internet users. For its online readers THEZine is a FREE and effortless way to find out about creative happenings and new ventures opening that are too good to miss!

It makes sense to go paperless these days and make smart use of the electronic media. If you are thinking of getting the word out about your local business, event, performance or if you have some other special news to announce, THEZine may be a good choice. For a nominal fee you can have your message included in the weekly E-broadcast as part of a multi-listing format covering several types of events, or if you want to stand alone you can pay to have an E-flyer sent out. E-flyers are also posted on THEZine's Facebook page.

One thing to keep in mind is that some subscribers opt out of receiving E-flyers, but there still remains a substantial number of recipients.

And it's no surprise that the number of subscribers is high. The information come FREE into each subscriber's email inbox.

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