Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TONGUE FU Record Release – Saturday July 12th 2014

Rock N Roll is an infectious practice. At least it is for a Hamilton Ontario 6-pack called TONGUE FU.

Gord Lewis (Teenage Head), Gene Champagne (Killjoys/Junior Achiever), Rob Sweeney (Durango 95/Purple Toads), Dave Elley (Orphans/Loudmouths), Greg Brisco (Dinner Belles) & Lou Molinaro (This Ain’t Hollywood Bar owner) architecturally developed a musical entity.

Tongue Fu
"Societal challenges, heartbreaks, dementia"

What is TONGUE FU? It’s a private dimension, a galaxy if you will, that inspires creativity based on artistic influences. Names such as BLUE OYSTER CULT, ALICE COOPER GROUP, THE DICTATORS & RADIO BIRDMAN, are directional forces that inspired Tongue Fu to become a unit. However, other matters such as societal challenges, heartbreaks, dementia, a Rock N Roll Bar, infidelities and their hometown streets are just as influential in their compositions.

While these draftsmen constructed their spaceship, they searched for a Captain to guide them directly to common ground. Enter ANDY SHERNOFF Known for creating the proto-punk band THE DICTATORS, Shernoff gathered the blueprints and produced the Tongue Fu debut. Andy Shernoff knew that this capsule could only soar with one important attribute ... HONESTY!

NICK BLAGONA (Deep Purple, Nazareth, April Wine) validated these musical works by tuning up the songs within his mastering workshop. Everyday struggles & trials have been part of this band’s genesis. While Tongue Fu were getting ready to start their recordings, a message was heard in their headphones that LOU REED had passed away. The death of an icon provided more motivation.

6 different backgrounds, 6 different studies, 6 different strengths all meet for one purpose – THE PRESERVATION OF ROCK N ROLL!

735790 days later, a Tongue Fu record is born.

Contact Tongue Fu – ninetyninthfloor99@rogers.com

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