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Brannigan: Dom Orsi's Side Project Evolves Into Full-Blown Reality

Founder Dom Orsi shared this personal story of his new band Brannigan. I'm happy to pass it on to you, dear reader! ~ GB

Side Project Evolves Into Full Blown Reality

Brannigan was formed basically out of my side project, my name is Dom we spoke about Halfway Heroes when I was in that band. After Halfway Heroes broke up I continued to write music and wanted to release an album under the band name Brannigan. Nat the singer and Hope the bass player wanted to join the new band, but we didn't want anything to be attached to the old band. The only thing that is the same is we redid the song DeLorean for the album but it sounds better and different than the Halfway Heroes version.


I later asked a friend of mine named Josh Stanford who played in a metal band called Modern Miniatures to do session drumming for the band but when he had heard the demos he asked if he could join and make a band out of it. I let him in and the he invited his friend Eric to learn the second guitar parts I had written for the album for when we play it live.

We went to Applehead recordings in Woodstock New York during November of 2013 to record the album Moments and Memories. We originally had cut 8 songs but we only left 7 for the record as we felt the one song could use some extra reworking and it will be released at a later date as a stand alone single.

Right now we have released the single Stars in which I had wrote soon after the thought of ending Halfway Heroes, when I was sitting out under the night sky in the summer with my guitar and wondering what it would be like just to be a star and be able to float around and escape the negative things that were going on in life by just floating away. U2 was a big inspiration in the guitar style for this song.

The second song we released with our single stars is a song titled Escape. Escape came about as the first song the band had actually wrote together. We were practicing a day before we left to New York in November. I was fooling around with the main verse guitar riff at practice and I had asked Josh to play a drum beat to it. Next thing we know we were recording the song in the studio and Josh and I were sitting there figuring out the arrangement and different piano and guitar parts in the studio as Hope figured out her bass. It was born from a jam and slowly became the band's favourite song. As for the lyrics Natalie wrote those ones.

The rest of the album has a similar theme to those songs but they all do have different feelings in them.

The digital Album release will be coming out May 1.

Album recorded : Applehead New York by Chris Bittner
Mastered: Chris Athens
Produced: Dom Orsi and Josh Stanford

Brannigan Teaser
Dom Orsi: Guitar/writer
Josh Stanford: Drums/Keys/Writer
Natalie P: Singer/Writer
Hope Bozzo: Bassist
Eric Peters: Guitar

For more information, contact Dom at

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