Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CBC Searchlight for Hamilton: Top 25

In order from least number of total plays on CBC website to most number of plays as of April 6 (not votes):

StereoKid, alt rock/alt pop, 40
Clear Stone, alt rock, 45
Caffrey, folk, 66
Copy Red Leader, electric blues/rock, 73
Black Rhino Riot, alt rock/ pop, 77
Cory Cruise, adult contemp/ singer-sonwriter, 87
Chelsea Crites, country/ pop, 92
Paul Federici, pop/ singer-songwriter, 108
THE ON, rock, 111
Bradon Dougherty, folk, 127
Steven Elmo Murphy, folk, 148
Rachael Kennedy, pop/ singer-songwriter, 190
Eliza Pope, pop/ jazz, 206
Jordan Raycroft, folk/ alt rock, 232
From the Bridge, folk/ rock, 268
Evan Champagne, rock/ singer-songwriter, 291
Jamie Shea, folk/ alternative, 326
Ginger St James, rockabilly/ country, 341
Nicole Rayy, country/ pop, 347
Matt Errs, pop/ rock, 423
The Kerouacs, rock/ blues, 673
The Medicine Hat, alt pop/ alt rock, 726
Day Drunk, alt rock, 1127
The Killin' Time Band, rock/ raggae, 1141
The Human Orchestra, rock/ folk, 1480

The number of votes placed for each artist in the #Searchlight competition is not made public, unfortunately(!)

The number of plays I've shown here, is the total number of plays for each artist. An artist that has been on CBC Music for longer will have more plays, and an artist with more songs uploaded to CBC Music will have more plays.

I'll go out on a limb here and congratulate Stereo Kid, for accomplishing a Top 25 placement, with only 40 total plays! They must have rallied a lot of votes from their fans.

Searchlight's boundaries for Hamilton stretch from Niagara to Brantford.

Here are the Top 25 in the order they were presented on the CBC website:

Jordan Raycroft - We the People, from Welland
The Medicine Hat - Old Bones, from Hamilton
Cory Cruise - Broken Promises, from Thorold
Jamie Shea – Home, from Hamilton
Eliza Pope - B&W (Please skip first 40 seconds), from Hamilton
Evan Champagne - Way Back, from Brantford
THE ON - Heart Break Me, from Burlington
StereoKid - Mission For Love, from Oakville
From the Bridge - White Paper, from Dundas
Day Drunk - The Stories We Will Tell, from Hamilton
The Kerouacs - No Stone No Doubt, from Niagara Falls
Steven Elmo Murphy - Oh Lordy Baby, from Brantford
Chelsea Crites - 4 Wheel Drive, from Port Colborne
Ginger ST James – Furious, from Hamilton
Rachael Kennedy - Living Your Heart Out, from Toronto
Bradon Dougherty - Time Will Show, from Burlington
The Killin' Time Band – Run, from Burlington
Nicole Rayy - Country Wild, from Burlington
Copy Red Leader - Tatooine Blues, from Ancaster
Caffrey – Stockholme, from Brantford
Paul Federici - Strange Disease, from St. Catharines
Matt Errs - The Other Side, from Toronto
The Human Orchestra - Bad Jokes, from Hamilton
Clear Stone - Love Takes Time, from Hamilton
Black Rhino Riot - The Hook, from Hamilton

You can vote for your favourite artist on the CBC Searchlight
Hamilton page:

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