Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Daily Riff for Greater Hamilton Musicians

Have you ever noticed how much absurdity and unprofessionalism there is in some music circles?

Or how confusing and mazelike everything is? There are so many blind alleys, loose ends, and war stories it's hard to remember that making music is actually supposed to be...

The most fun (funnest?) and inspiring thing you can do with your clothes on.

If you grab the Greater Hamilton Musician Daily Riff, it is designed to help you in your every gig to think, reflect and grow as a musical professional, to build your audience, to improve your prospects in the music business 
--and never have to feel like you suck at the music business again. 

(Or feel like the poor guy who stands at your door trying to sell you a natural gas plan.)

Join me in this fascinating, crazy, and awesome journey as a musician in this area called Greater Hamilton!

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Glen Brown, creator and publisher

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