Monday, January 6, 2014

Ric Taylor's New Years Well-Wishes For 2014

Ric Taylor's New Year's Wishes

When I first learned I was to write the first Hamilton Music Notes column for VIEW MAGAZINE of the new millennium... I was excited about doing something special. I dove in head first and decided to hit up every show I could. A budding promoter who believed in me, or at least what I wanted to do, gave me the keys to his car to facilitate the work.

Email was still young and you didn't have Facebook for your contact directory - so I decided to take an old style tape deck and microphone to the clubs and ask as many musicians in the shortest time span their New Year's resolutions in person. I drove to the Hudson, the Raven, the Corktown, Mermaid's Lounge, 33 Hess, the Casbah and more...

I remember interviewing Tim Gibbons live on stage during the middle of his set with the Little Red Blues Band... It was definitely a whirlwind junket not soon to be repeated. I may have even kissed someone who thought I was wonderful even though I bypassed what was supposed to be some after party at a local hotel just to get my precious recordings home to prepare a New Year's collection of Hamilton Music Notes.

This was still a time predating out instantaneous upload culture and there was work to do... Some of those clubs are no more, some of those friends are sadly no longer with us, some have chosen other paths - but as I was thinking of all the parties and concerts, eventful and more uneventful evenings... that night canvassing the city could have been my fondest New Year's Eve memory some fourteen years ago.

It was manic, exciting, fraught with fun faces and well wishes on a cold, starry night that could have gone on forever... So I wish to you, wherever you are and whomever you're with, whether you go out or stay in - I hope fraught with fun faces and well wishes.

I hope that you have the joy of life racing through your veins, peace of mind to savor every moment and the love of someone special pumping in your heart to fuel the beginning of a magical year and, if need be, a magical new life! More than likely, if you make a resolution you might not keep it, and it might just be not what's best for you now. You might even end up regretting telling me your resolution officially on the record.

The best we can do is to maybe kiss someone who thinks you're special if you can be that lucky... maybe if you are that lucky, let them know they're pretty special, too! Here's hoping... Happy New Year!

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