Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dead City Soul Revue Rocks Hamilton's Baltimore House

A Rockin’ Good Night at the Baltimore House

Text and Photos by Philip C. Perron

Last Friday Jan. 10, 2014 was a great way to kick off the New Year. Dead City Soul Revue was the headline act at the Baltimore House  and came through in a big way. But first we need to mention the opening three acts.

So Young

Valerie Dour, Saturns and So Young, the first 2 from Toronto and So Young came in from London. Valerie Dour and the 2 cousins who make up the Saturns gave everyone a bit of a psychedelic electronic battle of Electronica. No distinguishing them apart really, they both held their own with some original funky sounds, both with guitars, keyboards and vocally.


I kept thinking this would all make for great soundtracks to some interested film producer. Especially the song The Wave which sounds dark and mysterious, you can hear it at the link above. Valarie Dour with his Synth Pop sounds seems more melodic and trippy. You can get a good feel for what he does on his Soundcloud site with the song Dispel.

Our third band So Young is made up of 4 musicians.

Paterson Hogdson - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ohio Martin - Lead guitar
Dave Lunman - Drums
Mikey Steeves – Bass

Their music, which they describe as Love Pop has a good mix of vocals and rhythms. Check them out here.

Lead vocalist still needs to mature her vocals with maybe a solid year of vocal training, like their name suggests So Young. There’s lots of time to hone that instrument.
Dead City Soul Revue. Photos: Philip Perron

Headlining the evening was Dead City Soul Revue and they were great. Solid drumming from Ryan Benty and bass player Jaime Haraldson kept it all together. This was needed as David Ian Gibert played or should I say attacked his Gibson Les Paul and sang his heart out. Jaime and Ryan lent their voices to the harmonizing, and at times Jaime sang solo vocal which was quite good. Describing the music as Rock & Roll, R&B, Soul, Swamp, Blues and Gospel, David was interviewed earlier in the day on McMaster University CFMU 93.3 music station.

 As their set was about halfway through Dave started to really feel it. Soon he was out amongst the audience playing his guitar as he lay on the floor, first kneeling then lying flat on his back and then finally going in circles as he laid there. All seemed very genuine and natural. A little while later he was up on the P.A. system doing his best rock star riffs. All in all a very enjoyable set so definitely catch them the next time they are in the area. Their next concert is Thursday Jan. 16 opening up for The Jim Jones Revue at Call The Office in London. Dave was mentioning his excitement for opening for them since he was a huge fan.

It is nice to see musicians writing their own material and performing LIVE. So “good on ya” and keep it grooving and rocking out there.

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