Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Announcing Lori Yates "Live at Lori's" Indoor Guitar Pull at the Artword Artbar

Woohoo! This is a continuation of the fabulous "Live at Lori's" backyard guitar pulls from the summer but this is the indoor version bc its freezing out!


ORIGINAL MUSIC ONLY open by invite to SONGWRITERS and MUSICIANS. A pwyc donation to the Artword is appreciated for use of their space & plumbing & hyrdo! Beer & other beverages available through the bar.

Starting: SUNDAY FEB. 2

The first time I heard the phrase GUITAR PULL it was used to describe a jam session that happened at Johnny Cash's house in Hendersonville, Tennessee. As the story goes, it was Feb. 1969, the hour late, the guitars come out and the party at Johnny's house turns into a "guitar pull". Bob Dylan sings "Lay Lady Lay", Joni Mitchell sings "Both Sides Now", Graham Nash sings "Marrakesh Express" and Kris Kristofferson sings "Me & Bobby McGee". There are no recordings of that night, or none that have surfaced publicly, but the guitar pull was born!

The "guitar pull" is a tradition that comes from country music. Musicians sit around and take turns playing their songs. Some say "guitar pull" refers to the passing of a single guitar around, everyone taking their turns. Not everyone owned a guitar or instrument but everyone had a song to sing. People "took a turn" in the sense of "pulling" the guitar from someone's hands so they could get their song out.

Musicians playing on a stage for an audience is usually how music is presented — musicians on one side and the audience seated in rows on the other. The guitar pull has a different shape. The musicians and the audience aren’t separate, they aren’t even that different. Imagine a circle— a presentation to each other. No one’s trying to create the definitive version of a song that will go on to sell millions of copies (but hey if you've got one of those, thats great!). The songwriters, accompanied by some deft musicians are just playing original songs for each other, and everyone joins in as they feel. Its a chance for the songwriters to try out their new tunes, play some of their older songs, and connect with other writers and players.

Come on by and check it out…I'd love to see and hear you!

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Alex DeRoo said...

Definitely worth checking out!!