Monday, December 16, 2013

Dead City Soul Review Opens For Live How You Live at This Ain't Hollywood

DEAD CITY SOUL REVIEW – Refreshing sound from a world of noise.

Dead City Soul Review. Photos: Philip C. Perron

DSCR  are a local three piece band that somehow came together from B.C. to Montreal. Only together for approx. a year, David Ian Gilbert: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Jaime Haraldson: Vocals, Bass, Piano and Ryan Benty: Drums.

They performed at This Ain’t Hollywood www.thisainthollywood.ca/ on James Street North, in Hamilton. They were the opening act for Live How You Live and supplied the audience with a fresh sound.

Some of the guitar work of Dave while using the whammy bar brought back memories of the 60’s instrumental band, http://www.theventures.com/ The Ventures, DSCR grew from the band The Hook Up which also played locally.

All three of them met in Montreal, complete strangers until then and found a common love for music. So strong was the bond that Dave married the bass player. Ryan was the original DCSR drummer and then split for various reasons and was replaced by another drummer. As time went on the new drummer just couldn’t commit to the start of a heavier schedule and luckily for Jaime and Dave, Ryan was again available to rejoin the band.

Now ready to increase their playing dates, here’s a list where they will be playing.

January 10: Baltimore House www.baltimorehouse.ca (Hamilton)

February 9: Cherry Colas www.cherrycolas.com (Toronto)

So if you get the opportunity, check them out. With the drive, focus and always some timely luck thrown in they just might find an audience and be on their way.


By Philip C. Perron

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