Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unlock Your Creative Genius: Lori Yates' Songwriting Workshop Begins October 10

  • Write the songs
  • Record the songs
  • Perform the songs
  • All in 6 weeks!

Do you have a song that begs to be written?

Whether you've only dreamt of putting words to music or are looking to kickstart your songwriting juices, Creative Genius offers a supportive community in which to do so!

Join acclaimed singer/songwriter Lori Yates on a journey to discover your inner songwriter.

- Gain confidence in your songwriting ability
- Quiet the inner critic
- Learn to trust your intuition
- Focus on lyrics & melodies
- Learn the art of re-writing

The first 4 weeks take place 'round a cozy fire in a historic Hamilton home that has been host to many great musical jams and songwriting sessions. You'll be given writing exercises and we'll analyze different song styles, the art of co-writing etc.

Week 5, we move the workshop to the idyllic Pine Street Studio for a 1 hour recording session of 2 of your songs. Owned by engineer/producer Michael J. Birthelmer, Pine St. Studio has been a leader in the acoustic singer/songwriter scene in Hamilton since its inception. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the studio and Michael's supportive attitude make Pine St. Studio a natural fit for the workshop.

You'll have an hour long one-on-one private session with Lori.

And the finale of the workshop will take place at a local café/lounge where you will get to showcase your new songs for family friends and the general public!



Lori Yates has been call "alt-country" long before the phrase became popular. She is considered by many as one of the pioneers of alt-country in Canada, having gotten her start in the Queen St. West scene that saw rise to: Blue Rodeo, Cowboy Junkies etc. She has won awards - Hamilton Music Awards - SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR & Alt-Recording of the Year. She was also nominated for a JUNO and Canadian Country Music Award. She has 6 cd's to her credit. She has written a #1 song for Marine St. Clair and has been a juror for the Ontario Arts Council. She has written over 100 songs, and co-written with Guy Clark, Don Schlitz (The Gambler), Colin Linden. She has had record deals with Sony Music & Virgin Music. Lori has recorded with legendary producers Bob Johnston, (Highway 61, Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison), David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman). She is a veteran live performer, and singer/songwriter, but what defines her most is her unwavering commitment to her craft.

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