Thursday, September 12, 2013

Acoustic Blend Cafe Begins Its Fifth Great Season Promoting Local Music

Well I hope the summer was good for everyone. Welcome to the 5th season and what a great lineup this year. I can’t belive it’s been five years. Starting on Sept 21 with the one and only Rick Henderson. If you’ve been to ABC before you’ve definitely heard Rick. He has been playing in various bands and as a solo act around the GTA since 1968. With a group called Madrigal he had two hits on the charts called “I Believe in Sunshine” and “Hallelujah” At ABC he’s performed as an opening solo act, as part of Version Thereof and at open mic. He’s exceptional on the guitar and it’s very entertaining listening to him perform as well as listening to his banter.

We have held off for as long as we could, this year there is a slight increase at the door.
Coming in at the door the fee will now be $12.

Important notice: ABC is in desperate need of volunteers. For the last 4 seasons a few
others and I have set up the room and run the evening. This year however schedules have changed, as they sometimes do, and we are not all available to do the task of setting up the room. If anyone is able to donate his or her time one or two times throughout the season, that means one day out of a month, then ABC will keep running. If there is no one available we will have to shut the season down. If you are able to help please send an email to acousticblendcafe@gmail.com . The first date is Saturday Sept. 21. This means the room is set up either on the 21st or the 20th depending on the schedules of the volunteers. Details and procedures can be discussed.

This year’s exciting line-up looks like this:

Sept. 21- Rick Henderson
Jan.18 - Edgar Breau and Kyle Pacey
Apr.12 - Vine Tuned
Oct. 19 - Loralee McGuirl
Feb.15 - Emma Rush
May 10 - Andy Grifiths
Nov.9 - Killin Time Band
Mar.15 – John Harris and Andy Rock

You don’t want to miss this season. It will be a lot of fun and very entertaining. The Acoustic Blend Cafe, affectionately known as ABC, helps to promote local performers, businesses and artists. It also provides a welcoming gathering place for people to enjoy great music, delicious food and drink, and lots of camaraderie. Each event has an opening performer when possible and a feature performer. Following the feature is Open Mic where you can feel free to perform 1, 2, or 3 songs, read some poetry, do a magic trick or whatever you like to perform. It’s a great way to get exposure and work through you’re nerves. It’s also about learning and growing and being supportive to everyone who tries.

It's always a good time at the Acoustic Blend Café!
Doors Open: 7:30PM
Fee: $12
Location: 86 Homewood Ave., Hamilton, ON
(Corner of Locke St. and Homewood Ave.) Parking lot on Stanley Ave.
Email: acousticblendcafe@gmail.com
Phone: 905-522-1323
September at Acoustic Blend Cafe
Acoustic Blend Communication
Next Date
Sept. 21 2013

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