Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Would You Do Differently If You Were Competing Against Yourself?

Ashley Ambirge
One of my favourite business coaches is a woman. Her name is Ashley Ambirge. I recently completed her online "Brandgasm" course. Quoted below is a recent dose of Ash's coaching for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur (which happens to be almost every independent musician in this city.)

What would you do differently if you were competing against yourself?

But don't stop there.

Because the better insight doesn't come from just recognizing what you'd do differently.

Rather, the insight comes when you figure out why you aren't.

The better question: What needs to change?

Whisper that into your own fucking ear the next three nights in a row and see what happens.


Time to stop complaining, and make something happen. That's what Hamilton is all about. You can hear it in the music.

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