Monday, June 10, 2013

The Daily Riff: Chick Band Manifesto

The Chick Band Manifesto


  • the term Chick Band has a negative connotation based on the following:
  • in our society, women have fought for and in many tangible ways have gained equality with men,
  • in our society people resist the stereotyping of women;
  • society agrees that we shouldn't objectify women by believing that they have a reduced ability to think or feel or slog gear;
  • people generally agree that women are not sexual objects;
  • women have every right to express their thoughts and feelings artistically, emotionally and otherwise, in ways that are acceptable to them;
  • women shouldn’t be judged on their looks as if that was all that mattered;
  • the term Chick usually implies a disregard for above-described values;
  • a musical performance has the power to suspend everyday realities;
  • some women are especially suited to performing loudly, aggressively and with unbridled passion while being accompanied by loud guitars, pounding drums, and lyrics about love, life, sex, violence, relationships and a dozen kinds of emotional angst;

Be it resolved that

  • the label Chick Band now refers to an exceptionally talented performing group containing women that successfully uses all within its power to entertain an audience.
And this from Chrissie Hynde:

What do you think? 

Is the term Chick Band of any use whatsoever? 

Does it need to be redefined?

Is the world waiting for a monster chick band to smash all the stereotypes? Do you know one?

Tell us about it in the comments here.

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