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Send Your Child To Musical Madness: A Kids Music Daycamp In Hamilton and Dunnville

This interview with Hope Bozzo, co-creator of Musical Madness, will help you appreciate the enthusiasm and kind-hearted motivation behind this innovative music daycamp. Here's what we talked about:

How did Musical Madness get started?

Myself and Dejehan Hamilton both took the preparatory music program at Mohawk last year. We had to take a mandatory communications class in order to graduate. Musical Madness started as a final project for the class. We had to plan what we were going to do, our schedule, brochure, flyers, presentation, etc. Teacher Christine Boyko-Head was pretty enthusiastic about the idea, so she encouraged us to try to make it reality.

What motivates you to do a kids summer music camp?

We felt that nothing like this was offered in Hamilton and in Dunnville. We both are very passionate about music and want to share it with kids. We want to promote the arts to show how great music can be. With our camp, it is geared toward kids who have an interest in music but have no background. Dejehan got accepted to Berklee and just finished his first year over there. So all year we have been talking back and forth to plan this camp.

Where are the camps located?

We are running this camp in two locations one in Dunnville at the Lifespan Centre and the other in Hamilton at Hamilton Church of God.

Tell me about the musicians, the teachers who are the heartbeat of the camp.

As of now our main instructors are two students from Berklee: Dejehan who is a drummer and plays steel pan, and Tiana who is a vocalist. Jon Becker, Andrew Deacon, and myself are all from Mohawk College. We will be hiring other helpers as well who have a background working at camps and with kids. Dejehan has a broad background working at camps and going to them. He participated in many growing up so he knows what works and what doesn’t.

What will the kids be doing on a typical day at Musical Madness?

We will be teaching them basic rhythm skills with sticks, maracas etc, warm up games and activities to get everyone to know each other and be active, basic theory through the use of games, music history, and lastly our Instrument Lab. Each kid will be able to learn a bit about each instrument. The instruments we are featuring will be bass, guitar, drums, vocals, and keyboards.

As the days go on, each group will rotate in order to get a hands-on lesson with all the instruments. We are gearing our camp towards children ages 10 to 13. As we work out the details, we’re also considering a concert as a way to wrap up the week. The kids will get healthy and nutritious snacks, t-shirt, hat, bag, and a certificate.

What makes Musical Madness special?

We know a few music institutions offer camps that may be similar. It will be hard to compete with these institutions because this is a brand new experience for us. However, we feel that Musical Madness is a great opportunity to show what students are capable of. I don't know of anyone who has decided to start their own business, let alone run their own summer camp. Our goal is 50 kids per week. If we can make it happen we will be thrilled! 

Thanks Hope, for taking the time to share about Musical Madness.

Thank you so much!


9:00 to 9:30am – Movin’ and Groovin’ Warm Up Activities
9:35 to 10:15- Feel the Beat
10:30 to 11:15- Rock-ATheory
11:20 to 12:00- Music Evolution
12 :00 to 1:00 –Lunch
1:00 to 2:00- Instrument Madness
2:00 to 3:00- Arts/Crafts

The Camp

July 15 - July 19
July22nd - July 26
Location: Hamilton Church of God, 1338 Stone
Church Road East (see map)
COST: $250.00
Cheques/cash payable to
Musical Madness
239 Delancey Blvd Hamilton,ON

Registration with payment
DEADLINE: Saturday June 29
Before/After Care extra cost per day

No Musical Background Required!
For Ages: 10-13
Limited number of spots available

Kids are asked to bring a bagged lunch. We provide healthy and nutritious, peanut -free snacks.
Registration forms can be found online at www.musicalmadness.ca

Our email address is musicalmadnesscanada@gmail.com

Children and teens have a natural love for music. However, they spend most of their time at school and are not experiencing hands on creativity or learning about music or drama. The Arts is a freedom of expression in which children should have that in their lives.

Our purpose of this music camp is to bring back music and creativity into the lives of the Hamilton & Dunnville Community. Our camp is geared towards youth 10 to 13. Musical Madness is a camp where children do not need ANY musical background and are interested in music.

Our instructors are students studying music at Mohawk College and Berklee College of Music. They are driven, passionate, determined, focused and inspired individuals.

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