Monday, June 17, 2013

Announcing PHILOSOFEAR Official Video: "Sacrifice"


Kelly Kereliuk...Guitar/Backing vocals
Mike Harshaw...drums/percussion
Justin Faragher...bass/backing vocals
Al Packham...Lead vocals

Ladies and Gentlemen. I am very proud to announce...On Monday at 12 pm we (PHILOSOFEAR) will be debut one of our new videos. It's for a tune called Sacrifice and it's been a looooong time coming. First off I want to thank my incredible bandmates. Secondly, our awesome Toronto film crew. Jason Romolo/Big Shave Productions - cameraman/editor, Kevin Hall (Heartstrings TV) and Kenny Wong - cameramen. Also, A HUGE thank you to Paul and Leslie Harshaw for allowing us to terrorize their basement for rehearsals. Soon we will be announcing a C.D.E.P and DVD release party. A 3 song e.p and a dvd containing the Sacrifice video. Also on the dvd will be 2 videos for a song called Misery. These were shot by RedD films (Brent Doerner) out of Kitchener. We will continue writing/rehearsing in the meantime so stay tuned. Thank you and please, come Monday... "like" and share share share. Cheers!

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Hold onto your hair.

Now on YouTube:

With notes from Al Packham.

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