Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hammer Antics EP Release Party: Corktown, June 1st

The Hammer Antics - "Hamilton's Rising Rock Band"

It's a big week in Hamilton for the Hammer Antics. The band's EP release party is this Saturday, June 1 at the Corktown.

Singer MICHELLE OWEN brings a Gwen Stefani-esque voice to the group while guitarist JEFF RINNE, bassist SIMON KIELA and kickass drummer JENNA ROVINELLI back Michelle up. Formerly known as JELLE, The Hammer Antics' single COURTNEY LOVE released last month to great response.

Rinne and Owen wrote all the music and lyrics together and the band recorded it at River 16 Recording Studio in Oakville.

After giving a good listen, you can sum it up pretty positively: The music sounds clean and honest with lots of catchy riffs and melodies. To watch and hear this band develop its image and style in the coming months will be an intriguing story. Every member brings considerable strength and power to the overall sound.
Jeff Rinne, Michelle Owen
Photo: John Owen

As I listen thoughts of Pat Benatar mixed with The Go-Gos pass through my head. Owen really makes me believe when I heard the cover of Benatar's tune on the video clip! I suspect a more "in your face" growl with doses of (bad) attitude might be in order. At least, that's where I feel it wanting to go. Right now I'm listening to a screamin' Rinne guitar solo on Gold Chain and loving it! Background vocals in there are cool too.

Annette Szczepan is promoting the band and the event. She says, "People are really liking the band's sound. They like that it kind of brings them back to 90s rock. Not that The Hammer Antics are trying to be a 90s rock band, but they were influenced by 90s rock and that comes out in their music. As well, they really like the "snarl" in Michelle's voice. That has been said in a couple reviews. The band is currently in the Top 25 of 97.7 HTZ FM Rockstar Search 2013 which we are really excited about."

Hope to see many out to support the band at the Corktown on Saturday!

You & a guest are invited to attend THE HAMMER ANTICS CD Release Party!

Featuring great music, cold drinks and ridiculously cool prizes... oh yeah, and Calgary's GEORGIA SOUND will be there too! 

Corktown Pub in Hamilton

RSVP with the full names and emails of you and your guest to hammerantics@anetkastarrpr.com

For band interview set-up, EPs for review and other media inquiries, please email info@anetkastarrpr.com

Rock On,
The Hammer Antics

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Gene Paradis said...

I kid you not This Woman Can Sing..I went to the reverbnation of Jelle again...Thank you for being my fan as well God bless