Sunday, May 19, 2013

EUPHONIOUS = Pleasing To The Ear, And It's Also An Internet Radio Station


Adjective: Pleasing to the ear.

The following is an introduction to an internet radio station called Euphonius, which was conceived and is run by a local guy named Stephen Wey. Here is our initial conversation via email. My questions are in boldface.

Hi Glen,

Steve Wey is the founder of Euphonius Internet Radio
Thank you for contacting me, you have asked many great questions and I hope I can answer them to provide an insight to Euphonious Radio.

Euphonious was created through the pure passion of loving music. It started as a hobby with a friend and then I realized maybe it can become a business, since I needed a job.

You have set up a business model that works through SOCAN licensing. Would you be able to explain how that works? Do you have a broadcast license?

It is licensed with Socan for the right to broadcast a commercial internet music station. I am also licensed with the Ontario Business Registry. At the moment Euphonious has received one large contribution from an anonymous listener which is keeping it going, otherwise no revenue stream has yet been established.

Do the artists who send you their music sign it over to you, and do they receive royalty payments from SOCAN?

The artists do not sign their music over to me, they are encouraged to make a donation but this has not happened yet. In the very near future, I see "The Indie Spotlight" as a paid promotion package for the artist.

I have only been broadcasting since October 2012, the past months I have been using as purely experience and establishing a foundation which now I believe is ready to become a commercial success. I have access to listener stats through my streaming service Wavestream, they provide real time numbers as well as historical data (i.e. Daily, hourly, weekly, monthly).

What kind of listener stats are you getting?

The international indie music community has welcomed Euphonious Radio in a warm way, where Hamilton's musicians are slow to respond. But any local support I have received has been very positive. It is now my intent to begin marketing Euphonious Radio more aggressively as I believe a good foundation has been built. Although listenership numbers are still on the low side but the group is very loyal, it is just a matter of continuing to publicize our existence to the music world of listeners and creators.

I'm also wondering about how local venues might benefit from Euphonius.

There are thirteen scheduled shows some are weekly and some are daily and these will become sponsor opportunities and also some select advertising options will begin to appear on the air. The opportunities will be both on air and on the web page. Another area I will expand on in the future is production and promotions. I see Euphonious remaining as a free music stream but also a recording studio and a promotions business for everything music.

The Euphonious Radio website has links to social media services, Indie artists, the Blog, photos and more.


Steve Wey

Creator of Euphonious
Hamilton, ON, Canada
"For The Love Of Music"

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