Sunday, March 3, 2013

Radio Free Universe Headlines @ The Casbah March 14

Photo: Rhonda Cline Photography
Used with permission
Marcus McNamee of Radio Free Universe shares this update on the band's work:

"Well, our next album is three songs done already and the tracks are sounding fantastic!  Our drummer Ashton and I are full-time music instructors, that's how we met. Our bassist Ryan was as well. I met Ryan teaching at Absolute Music and we immediately formed a group called Bombshell. Singer George was the front-man for King Clancy who were signed to big label, they lived in LA and almost 'made it'.  He worked in LA with some notable producers and is now our producer and has a nice home studio where we record."

Band Bio

Recently nominated for Rock Recording of 2012 by the HMA, Hamilton band Radio Free Universe is making a name for themselves in the Southern Ontario music scene. Rocking venues from Hamilton to Toronto and out to Ottawa and Montreal, these guys are proving themselves a musical force to be reckoned with. Their high energy stage presence makes it impossible for an audience not to be captivated.

Before Radio Free Universe, singer George Panagopoulos's band King Clancy signed to the Dreamworks label. They moved to Los Angles, where corporate greed, political upheaval, business betrayal and lover’s treachery were waiting for them. The devil might be in the details but Panagopoulos focuses more on a forward-looking spiritual journey, and not of the disappointment created outside of his control.

With a 90’s grunge sound you can hear the influence of such bands as Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Radio Free Universe brings diverse musical education and experience together to create a powerful energy that can be felt in their music. But this isn't a nostalgia act, their EP Six is filled with the perfect blend of modern vibrant relevancy and vintage wherewithal. The past and the present entwine themselves, so there is no real time, only the tunes survive. It's only the tunes that matter.

"Call it a resignation to the powers of the cosmos or a rock and roll revelation but when Radio Free Universe plays, it’s best just to be a part of the moment and let destiny have its way." - View Magazine 2012