Sunday, March 24, 2013

LOUD CITY: Podcasts

Loud City is a podcast created by
Hamilton Seen's Cody Lanktree
The Loud City podcast series is hosted by local video producer and music fan Cody Lanktree, with co-host Tom Shea. Shea is a guitarist, music teacher, and the author of Hundred Mile Microphone, a local music blog.

Lanktree is plugging away at pre-production work on his project SeenDoc, a video documentary of Hamilton Musicians while Shea is about to embark on his second annual Local Music Month.

Yes, April has been declared "Local Music Month", and Shea has determined to focus his listening, viewing and writing on local artists, with a different local musician being featured daily.

Lanktree and Shea make a good team, with each one able to contribute uniquely to the podcast.

Best wishes to both men as they mine the depths of our local music scene!

The LOUD CITY podcast archive is here.