Friday, February 15, 2013

Hamilton Production Company Ajna's Anniversary Event: "Where The Vibe Comes First"

Ajna Productions celebrates its second anniversary of producing "events where the vibe comes first."

Kevin, aka Quigley, Lawson heads up the company which focuses on unique music and environments, creating events that allow the audience to explore themselves and peer through the mind’s eye. The Sanskrit word Ajna means "third eye, or "mind's eye."

Ajna events focus on blending the audio and visual experience together, ensuring they fuse well.

Tonight, experience will show how these ideas play out fabulously at the Club Absinthe on King William Street.

Live music will be provided by Chameleon Project, Eccodek, Sam Klass, and Toadhouse.

Sam Klass
Klass, in a recent email, had this to say. "...Lawson's creating sweet opportunities for people to participate in, centring around live music experiences. He's gone out on a limb creatively and financially to do this and is getting progressively better responses and turnouts at the events ... I'm seeing the beginning of a snowball effect happening with artists and fans across Ontario using new media to create and promote amazing alternative culture that centres around creativity, musicianship, and overall entertainment quality as opposed to marketability and BS like that ... I'm really excited to be doing what I'm doing, cause I feel like I'm part of a new generation of musicians that use crazy colorful technology to expand what each artist can do, and it's really expressive and fun as hell."

Toadhouse is a local jam/funk/rock/progressive band with members Dan Krawchuk (bass and vocals), Codi Maki (drums and vocals), and Mike Prost (guitar and vocals).

How do the Toadhouse boys feel about tonight's event? Codi writes, "We have always been a big fan of the venue going back to when it was The Pepper Jack Cafe. There were always amazing acts coming in from out of town or locally, so it will be great to play at Absinthe tonight on that stage to Honor Live Hamilton Music and to support the local Jam scene. We are quite thrilled to be a part of this whole Ajna Productions show on a Friday night here in Hamilton.  With Ajna Productions being a new promotional company here in Hamilton, it is nice to be involved as more and more people discover what it is that we do here. Ajna Productions likes to bring the Summer Festival Atmosphere here to Hamilton, and we are glad that we can take part!"

Rounding out the celebratory spectacle will be drum circles, fire spinning, live painting by KH8 and Abstract Visions, and VJ The Alfalpha Channel.

Get ready for sensory overload.

The event will be a fusion of live art, earthy music and electronic sounds, fire dancing, and an all around amazing dance party from the time the doors open until the night’s end.

Friday, February 15/13
9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Club Absinthe,
38 King William St, Hamilton
Cost to attend is $10, Doors open at 9pm