Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be On Your Game Or Don't Bother

This is me, Glen, the author of this post.
I look grumpy.
Y'know, sometimes it's just so obvious that someone doesn't have all their pieces in play.

Yet, they put themselves out there on the internet, send their message out to the masses, explaining this, that and the other thing, but when you try to connect with them as people, they don't exist.

It's like they're not ready for you.

Too bad. For them, that is.

Case in point. I'm looking at a new website, recently designed and put together with painstaking amounts of time and effort, lots of good attempts to consolidate the past versions and past content. I take the time to read the copy, which is waaaaaay too long, too self-indulgent, and fails to outline the benefits of the website to the reader. It's just all about "me, me, me, here's what we've done, done, done."


Next, I click on content links and find "404 content not found" errors.


Then, I click on "contact us" and I find that the response time is 3 business days!

Not to be discouraged (now I'm on a mission to explore under the hood of this web start-up) I click on the "about us" page. I find some nice pictures, and some pretty benign, self-deprecating bios, something like this:
"I just thought I would give writing a try for this project. Hopefully, while you're here, you'll be entertained by my poor jokes and my other work music-wise"

My Conclusion

The entrepreneur has a good idea, and a good first step. But they're not ready. They're not thinking about the actual PEOPLE out there who are going to view the website.

I Don't Get It

Don't these young entrepreneurs all carry smartphones? Aren't they on Twitter 24/7? Don't they text while they're brushing their teeth?

It seems like they haven't thought it through.

There's The Lesson

Take your time. Get things right. Make it look professional and BE READY to engage anyone at any time. Be on the social media. Be nice. Be open and generous.

Convince people that you are a real person, and that you want to do business with them.

Be on your game or don't bother trying.