Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Baltimore House: A Step Back In Time. A Step Ahead In Vibes

This month's featured venue is The Baltimore House on King William Street.

Photo: The Spectator
This month's featured venue is The Baltimore House on King William Street.

The Baltimore House
43 King William Street
Phone: (289) 396-4830

Email Address: max@baltimorehouse.ca

Contact: Max Begg-Goodis
Tell me about the seating and size of The Baltimore House.
We have room for an audience of 100 people in a variety of stools, benches and couches. We've arranged things to be relaxing and conducive to small groups of friends, couples or singles. There are at least ten spots at the bar alone.

Wednesday's Open Mic is one of the
regular and popular events at
The Baltimore House
What kind of stage area and dance floor is there?
Our stage area is medium sized, and can comfortably fit up to six performers. There are some steps for loading in, but it's a wide open and solid stairwell.  

Do you have a dance floor?
Yes, there is a nice sized area for dancing. We can move furniture if we have to!
Stage area: Medium, 3 - 6 performers

Who does the booking of musicians?
Musical performers are booked here by the staff.

What kinds of music typically book here?
Motown, Acoustic, Funk, "Indie Rock," House/Bass/Dance, Deejays, Rockabilly, etc.

What are some other amazing things about your venue?
We feature vintage cocktails, a Victorian-inspired atmosphere, and an extremely well-attended open stage on Wednesday evenings presented in a Forties radio style.

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