Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Open Interview For Drumline People

Sudbury's Blue Saints
To: Drumline Leaders In Greater Hamilton Area

Ten Important Questions about your involvement in precision drumming and percussion ensembles ("drumline"):
Answers may be listed by number in a reply comment. (Pick and choose if you need to!)

1. At what age and how did you first get involved in drumline?

2. What would be the turning point or decisive moment or event(s) that really sold you personally on drumline?

2a. Briefly, how did things progress for you from being a participant to being a leader?

3. At the present time, what is your personal involvement in drumline, both as an individual performer yourself, and as an instructor/director?

4. From your point of view, how has drumline activity changed or moved forward over the past decade up until now?

5. What ensembles do you have at your location now, as this year closes? Any changes for next year?

6. As you implement and lead your programs, what is a nagging problem that you wish would go away?

7. What have been one or two of the pleasant surprises or biggest benefits from doing drumline, both personally and as a leader?

8. What should new percussionists be doing to expand their horizons, especially over the summer?

9. Which Canadian ensemble is "not to miss" in your opinion? Which American ensemble is "not to miss"?

10. Anything else you would like to advertise or say?

Thank you very much!


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