Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Google-Friendly Habit For Musicians To Develop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Isn't Going Away

OMG, I can't believe what this is teaching me as the webmaster for my band.

This is a comment on an article entitled How Google and SEO Changed Music, obviously from someone very knowledgeable in SEO:

SEO, in my opinion, is most important in one situation: you play a live show, and someone in the audience really likes the set, but they have to leave before the end and didn't catch the name of your band (you did remember to tell people the name of your band while you were on stage, right?! Three times?), so the next day they search for the venue name and the date of the show and maybe a lyric to one of your songs. You want to make sure you can be easily found in that case. So, be sure you list shows with standard date format with venue details somewhere on your site. Don't eliminate past shows from your "show list." Post your lyrics.

There is a reason these two local websites are at the top of the Google search result.
Read the article to find out how they did it, and then go and look at the content on their websites.

Basically, think about being easily found by people who are already looking for you. Anything else is basically crossing your fingers and hoping some idiot falls @$$-backwards into your site and is suddenly all like, "I'm gonna buy something!" It doesn't happen like that.

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