Wednesday, May 16, 2012

T-Shirt Giveaway

Learn How to Screen Print, Get Ten Free T-Shirts To
Give Away To Your Fans, And Promote Music In
Hamilton. All At The Same Time!

You’ll Get 10 Free Shirts Like This to give away to your friends and fans. 

The Print Shop, located on James North, will train people to print T-shirts. Are you teachable? Do you want to do something fun and boost the arts in Hamilton at the same time?

You are invited to join a crew of volunteers on a yet-to-be announced day in July. Together we will learn how to
do it, crank out a pile of the puppies, and then retire to the Acclamation Bar and Grill to suck back beverages. What a great way to promote the arts in Hamilton! 

The first six readers to sign up will be accepted, plus two more alternates. More details will follow.

Go here to add your name to the list:


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