Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Links Too Good to Ignore

Burlington group Walk Off The Earth have had a wild ride over the past month, with their YouTube video rocketing virally to over 54 million views at the time of this writing! Here are a few links if you've not seen their cool work:

· Spectator Article on Walk Off The Earth (WOTE)

· WOTE on Ellen Degeneres Show—YouTube

· WOTE: The Backin’ Up Song—YouTube

Not to forget local singer Tara Keith. As her career continues and she continues to gain maturity and perspective on what it means to have a music career, she had a great opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards recently:

· Spectator Article—Tara Keith at the Grammys

· Spectator Article—Juno Nominees from Hamilton

Aspiring bassists, take note. Paul Wolfe has put together a highly recommended teaching site. Worth checking out.

· How to Play Bass—by Paul Wolfe

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