Thursday, March 15, 2012

Larry Strung, Musician's Photographer

Larry Strung has been capturing images of people and events around Hamilton for several years. If there was a local photographer who has distinguished himself for aiming to capture the spirit of our community, it would be Larry. In Hamilton 365, his best known project, Strung spent an entire year in and around Hamilton’s institutions, workplaces, neighbourhoods and even a few alleyways looking for typical Hamiltonians.

Strung created a portrait of a different local citizen each day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then his collection seen at www.hamilton365.com is the visual equivalent to 365,000 words of incredibly descriptive social insight.

Recently Strung photographed the Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra during their exciting performance at Hillfield-Strathallen College.

Look at the sensitive and thoughtful way he creates portraits on Hamilton 365, and you’ll be assured that his portrayal of you will bring out your best professional image.

In his own words:
The goal of true portraiture is to be able to display not just the physical representation of the subject, but also his or her personality.  That is the real challenge. Many times people have come back to me a year after taking their picture and have said, “You know, that is my favorite picture of myself.”  Or you see on their Facebook page that they still have the image I shot of them 4 years ago as their profile picture – then you know you’ve got it right!”

Larry has put together an exclusive April headshots photo offer for you. He’s calling it Cool to Be Square, available on April 14 by appointment only. Working at his home studio, for $100 you will get 3 quick sets of portraits and 3 edits to take with you on CD. It’s the perfect way to get a truly professional portrait to go on your website and promotional materials. Reserve your session while you can.

Strung is also offering any musicians and bands who are readers of this publication a 10% discount off a half-day photo portfolio session if you book by May 1, 2012. I highly recommend Larry. He is great to work with in every way.

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