Thursday, January 26, 2012

Foodservice Operator as Event Organizer

Yes, it's true.

Relational marketing is transforming the marketing world of the typical restaurant and foodservice business. Think about the reality for the restaurant owner who is now trying to gather new customer contacts by building an email list of customers.

What to do with the list? Well, if they captured birthdates then the next logical step is to send out a birthday card through an auto-responder. While they're inviting the customer to come in for birthday, they will be offering a special deal such as a free entree to the birthday celebrant.

Taking it to the next level makes them ask this question: How can we turn this happy birthday customer into more business? How about offer our facility for another special event? How about we offer to send out invitations on their behalf?

How about we offer a live band for their party? Now we have seen the complete transformation of the restaurateur into an event planner.

Yikes! Just like that.

The problem is, many restaurant owners don't have the staff to pull off these extra tasks, nor do they have the inclination or the time to do it themselves.

The answer for them is to outsource these tasks. And that's the opportunity for the entrepreneurial musician. As musicians we need to think of ways that we can serve the needs of the venue operator, to help them maximize their sales and bring us new opportunities.

WIN WIN. Venue operator becomes your partner in business as you help them fill more seats.


Jason said...

Great idea!

It would be a neat business for a web application. The restaurant-ier could manage these contacts, the application would send out coupons, invitations, reminders, and musicians could sign up to play for these events! :)

Great blog, Glen.
Jason Silver

Glen Brown said...

Oh, if only there were time to pull these great ideas off!